Wow! I don’t know where to begin but I must say our darling dachshund sleeps so much better now that we got her the CBD dog treats from Lundi cbd dog treats! It not only makes her more relaxed at nighttime but it also makes her feel so much better the next day and just filled with so much more energy!! We’ve searched high and low for 2 years to find something that would work for her and we finally did!! Every other night hazel gets a little piece of the apple flavoured cbd treats which is her absolute favourite and it allows her to finally have a good nights sleep in her doggie bed. She gets a lot of anxiety when she doesn’t sleep next to us on our bed and we wanted her to feel more comfortable in her own bed with there’s not a lot of moving around. Thanks so much Lundi cbd dog treats for your amazing creation & of course the CEOs of taste for your approval!


We have a sensitive boy named Gus. Getting a GSD we knew they were particular, but we were not prepared for just how much anxiety he would have over the car. Two years in and we are still packing paper towels and cleaning products for the inevitable "accidents" even in 30min car rides. We've tried everything from gravol to prescribed sedatives, and our poor boy is never comfortable. Being dog parents, we want to be able to take him everywhere, but started to look into other options because of his anxiety.
Then we heard of these CBD treats, and figured it couldn't hurt to try. I'm still dumbfounded at the results. 2 days ago we returned from a 3000km road trip (each way) and Gus was happy and relaxed the whole way. Not One accident. I cannot overstate how excited we are to have a new travel buddy! Thank you for this amazing product!!

Gus and Melissa

We have two super energetic huskies and these CBD treats are so helpful in calming them down. It was beneficial when we had our youngest getting spayed so we were able to keep both calm while she healed.
Lisa is SO very helpful and knowledgeable. She answered allll of my questions. (There were lots).
I just placed my second order. Lu & Di will be my go to business for CBD treats.

Oliver, Mia & Kendal

After learning about Lu & Di’s Pure CBD Treats, I knew it would be a game changer for Roxy. The one thing I really love is that the treats are fruit based which is perfect for my allergy prone girl. Since giving Roxy the treats I have noticed car rides have become enjoyable, she is less anxious in new spaces and most importantly they are a big part in helping with Roxy’s recovery from a cold. She is able to remain calm and relaxed until she is back on her feet. Thank you so much for being apart of Roxy’s life and journey to happiness and health!


She’s about 14 years old (GSD). I rescued her when she was about 6 years old. Of course with her age and breed, her hind end has been getting stiff and sore with time. I actually thought I was losing her a bit ago. I picked up a bag of your CBD doggy treats at the Pet Expo in Toronto. The amount these treats have helped is incredible. I ended up ordering two more bags and will continue to order for as long as needed. Daisy now will get up at the word “walk” again. At times she is trotting on her walks (although only short bursts! She is 14 after all!). Getting up and down from a laying position is easier for her now. She also has times of wanting to play again - sometimes to the chagrin of the cat! The other amazing affect your treats have had is helping reduce her incontinence. Which means spending less on diapers for her! All around, I cannot recommend these treat enough! They are great and reasonably priced.

Julie & Daisy

I was always interested in getting some CBD treats for Lola but didn’t know where to begin… I came across Lu & Di on instagram and saw they were going to be at our local expo so I visited their booth.. After meeting the creators behind the brand and learning more about the product I was confident and more comfortable in giving CBD to Loli! I love to give Lola the CBD treats before leaving for work so she can chill and remain calm while we’re away from home. I also love to use the treats after long stressful/ tiring outings so she can really rest and have a good nights sleep! I’m so happy to have discovered Lu & Di treats!


We love Lu & Di CBD treats because they are made with healthy ingredients as Cooper is on a diet. His treats consist of vegetables and fruits, we train using his kibble as well since our options are limited. With Cooper being 9 and very active these treats give us the opportunity to give him a yummy treat while also helping his joints. We use them before nail trims too to give Cooper that relaxing spa experience.


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Lu & Di

Our 7 month old rottie is a pretty anxious pup so we’ve talked about getting CBD products for her before but never knew where to look or what we could trust. We tried Lu & Di’s organic CBD dog treats & both Kaia and us loved them right away 😍 we’re currently using them for bed time to help her sleep through the night & when she goes into her crate to help with any separation anxiety. Another bonus is the anti inflammatory benefit!! Kaia has a sore leg right now so these help her walk better & have less pain. Just stocked up with a couple bags for now & it won’t be the last time! Highly recommend 🙌🏼


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