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How long until the CBD takes effect?

Our CBD treats can start to take effect as soon as 30 minutes, and can take up to 60 minutes to see desired behaviour and results depending on your dog’s size and tolerance. If at any time you notice your dog is not reacting the way you want with the treats, you can increase their dosage until you see the desired results.

How will my dog react to CBD?

CBD is known to create similar responses in dogs as in humans.  CBD will lessen your dog’s anxiety by connecting with the neurotransmitters in the dog’s brain to calm their central nervous system.  A dog administered CBD will typically become more mellow and calm, and if suffering from arthritis, stiffness, and old age, will exhibit less pain related signs and symptoms.

Will CBD make my dog high or create any negative responses in my dog?

CBD will not harm your dog; however, just like people, each dog has a different tolerance level.  Some dogs can only tolerate lower doses, whereas others may require higher amounts to achieve any therapeutic response.  Lu & Di’s treats are conveniently pre-measured to have 2mg of CBD per treat so that you have greater control over dosage.  While highly unlikely, we always encourage our clients to consult with their vets should any concerning side effects arise when using CBD with their dog.

How long do the treats last after opening? And how long do I store them?

Our CBD treats can last up to a year if properly stored and resealed. Our treats come in a resealable bag. Be sure to reseal the bag properly after each use. Please ensure that your bag is kept in a cool dark place such as a pantry. Treats do not need to be refrigerated or frozen, unless that is your furry child’s preference.


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