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Lu & Di

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About Us

Lu & Di is an Ontario based small business inspired by Luna and Diesel. Luna was a 6-month surrendered dog with multiple issues including food and environmental allergies, multiple TPLO surgeries on both her back legs (with many complications), immunocompromised, early onset hip dysplasia, and arthritis.

Diesel was a puppy mill rescue, who came with severe anxiety and struggles with being left home alone. CBD has been a huge help to both these beautiful animals.  It has reduced Diesel’s anxiety tremendously, allowing him to live a calm and more comfortable life; while Luna has enjoyed the benefits of CBD by allowing her to be a normal active 3-year-old dog without the day-to-day aches and pains she was experiencing prior to its use.

Our aim at Lu & Di is to reach as many dogs as possible to help them live a healthy and relaxing life that before CBD would have been unfeasible.  At Lu & Di, we make organic CBD infused treats because we believe that “a healthy, active dog is the reward.”

Wow! I don’t know where to begin but I must say our darling dachshund sleeps so much better now that we got her the CBD dog treats from Lundi cbd dog treats! It not only makes her more relaxed at nighttime but it also makes her feel so much better the next day and just filled with so much more energy!! We’ve searched high and low for 2 years to find something that would work for her and we finally did!! Every other night hazel gets a little piece of the apple flavoured cbd treats which is her absolute favourite and it allows her to finally have a good nights sleep in her doggie bed. She gets a lot of anxiety when she doesn’t sleep next to us on our bed and we wanted her to feel more comfortable in her own bed with there’s not a lot of moving around. Thanks so much Lundi cbd dog treats for your amazing creation & of course the CEOs of taste for your approval!


After learning about Lu & Di’s Pure CBD Treats, I knew it would be a game changer for Roxy. The one thing I really love is that the treats are fruit based which is perfect for my allergy prone girl. Since giving Roxy the treats I have noticed car rides have become enjoyable, she is less anxious in new spaces and most importantly they are a big part in helping with Roxy’s recovery from a cold. She is able to remain calm and relaxed until she is back on her feet. Thank you so much for being apart of Roxy’s life and journey to happiness and health!


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Lu & Di

Our 7 month old rottie is a pretty anxious pup so we’ve talked about getting CBD products for her before but never knew where to look or what we could trust. We tried Lu & Di’s organic CBD dog treats & both Kaia and us loved them right away 😍 we’re currently using them for bed time to help her sleep through the night & when she goes into her crate to help with any separation anxiety. Another bonus is the anti inflammatory benefit!! Kaia has a sore leg right now so these help her walk better & have less pain. Just stocked up with a couple bags for now & it won’t be the last time! Highly recommend 🙌🏼


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